How to Put Your Double Bistro Pedestal Table Together

  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor where your table will be going.
  2. Lay down a thick blanket where you just cleaned.
  3. Lay the table top down, facing the blanket. (Either take your table out of the box or leave it in the box for extra protection)
  4. Bring over the columns of the pedestal and have the baseplates on top of the runners. They should be lined up with the middle of both runners.
  5. Take the nuts and washers off.
  6. Next look at the feet and measure between the inner holes to see how far apart your columns should be.
  7. Once you have your columns roughly where they should be, bring over the feet and place it onto the columns.
  8. Put the washers and nuts back on. Do not over tighten, just looking for a snug fit right now.
  9. Measure the baseplates to the edge of the runner to see where center is for you.
  10. Once you have figured out where your columns should be, use a Robertson bit to drill the columns into the runners of the table.
  11. After that is complete, you can tighten up the nuts.
  12. Everything is done and you can flip over your table.

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