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Designer Bed

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Our Designer Bed is hand-crafted to order for each of our customers. Every piece is built entirely at our manufacture in Edmonton, AB. The bed is made with all solid wood and is hand stained. Since it is a handmade product, you can be confident there are no two pieces that are exactly alike. From grain patterns to the color of the woods natural weathering, each board has a story. Each of our customers are so impressed with both the beauty and sturdiness of our beds, and say that the quality of our pieces is unmatched! This piece of furniture is an investment for you and many generations to come!

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*Picture shown is a Birch in Guinness

In addition to our beautiful beds, we can build just about any other furniture you need for your home or bedroom. Examples include: tables, chairs, dressers, bookshelves, benches, etc. We are always open to designing and building new pieces to add character and beauty to your home.