Free Shipping is only applicable to our furniture when all the below are correct:

  1. Your total purchase before taxes is $4000.
  2. If you are purchasing a product from us that is at full retail price or is a part of our Recently Built and Ready to Ship collection without any other applied discounts.
  3. If you live in Canada. 


  1. Free Shipping is applied on all of our SleepyHippy Approved Mattresses aka Mattress in a Box.
  2. Free Shipping is NOT applied to any other mattress that we provide.


  1. If your total does not go over $4000 you will not receive free shipping on your order.

If your order does not apply for Free Shipping, we ask for you to either pick up at our Warehouse located at 2415 80 Ave NW Edmonton Alberta or you can email us at and/or phone us at (780) 448-1163 to discuss what shipping and handling would cost!

655 Childs Rocker

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Old Hippy Wood Products 2415-80 Ave, Edmonton, AB

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