Different Kinds of Mattresses

SleepyHippy Traditional Mattresses

We work with the highest quality of mattresses your money can buy! Just like our furniture we want to make sure you get the best of the best! Check out which mattresses we have in store for you! Come down to 2415-80 Ave NW Edmonton Alberta, to try out the comfort level we can offer you!


SleepyHippy Bed in a Box

We only have a few of these left in stock and we are blowing them out in store! Grab yours today at 2415-80 Ave NW Edmonton Alberta or order your new one on our website and have it shipped to your address!


SleepyHippy Motion Beds

Did you know we can build a bed for you that will allow you to put a motion bed inside? Call us at (780) 448-1163 to get a quote from us for an Old Hippy Bed that will last you forever that will fit and hold your motion bed perfectly!


SleepyHippy Clearance

Take advantage of the sales we have on items that have been discontinued! There is limited stock to choose from! These items are a must need with your mattress! From pillows to mattress protectors! We have your back!