Furniture Care & Tips

Furniture Care & Tips

Here are the simple ways to keep your furniture in pristine condition!

Everyday use:

  1. Always make sure you are wiping with the grain when you are dusting/cleaning your Old Hippy Furniture.
  2. Use a damp rag when you are cleaning your Old Hippy Furniture.
  3. If you notice there is water sitting on top of your furniture after you have cleaned it, we recommend you to dry it afterwards.
  4. Wipe up all spills as fast as you can to avoid water damage. If you accidentally get water damage, please contact us to send you a video of how to get rid of it for free!
  5. DO NOT use any commercial waxes or polishes, like Windex, Lysol, or Pledge on our products. You only need water.
  6. If you need to, you can use a mild soap like Dawn on our furniture to wipe away any stinky residue on your table like syrup. Just make sure that you have washed off the soap and if need be dry that spot afterwards.
  7. Potted plants and fish tanks on top of our products may cause water stains.
  8. General rule of thumb, if it is too hot for your hands, it's too hot for your table. Especially with things that are coming out of the oven and microwave, boiling water, and anything from the stove top. We recommend to use place mats underneath if you wanting to put these dishes on your furniture. We recommend a fabric or cork material.
  9. To avoid scratches, pads are recommended when placing objects on our furniture. If you want to use placemats, we highly recommend to use a fabric or cork material. It breathes which allows your furniture to breathe. DO NOT use any plastic, rubber, or vinyl pads as it will trap the heat and moisture into your table as it does not breathe. Also it can cause a reaction between the chemicals and leave a stain.
  10. If you do get any scratches or small marks, you can grab a stain pen from us to fill them in and it is like they were never there!
  11. Wood furniture and their finishes may be affected by direct and indirect sunlight, moisture, and extreme changes in temperature. 
  12. To keep your furniture in the best condition, it is best to not put pizza boxes directly on top of our products. It is too wet and too hot too fast! Do not throw your keys onto your products as it will begin to make tiny puck marks. Also do not put cardboard boxes directly on our products. If you have to make sure you put a clean towel or blanket down. So if you slide it across your furniture, it is protected!
  13. We recommend to have a humidifier in the room that your Old Hippy Furniture is in. 


Once-Twice a Year Maintenance:

Lemon Oiling Your Old Hippy Furniture

  1. Once to twice a year you will want to apply lemon oil to your furniture. You are more than welcome to use canola oil or vegetable oil, it is just lemon oil smells better. When you go shopping for this oil, make sure that you read the ingredients and it is pure oil. If there is no ingredients shake the bottle and if bubbles appear there is some kind soap/chemicals in it.
  2. Tables: Always make sure to be going with the grain of your furniture. If you have a table we advise you to lather the bottom of your table and leaves if you have any. Once you are done with the bottom, apply a small amount on the top. You are more than welcome to do the legs and the chairs as well. 
  3. Bedroom Furniture: With bedroom furniture, you can take all the drawers out of your dressers and nightstands and apply the oil to the inside of your cabinet. This is the best thing for it. And just like with our tables, you will want to lather that oil on the inside. Let it dry for at least 12 hours on the inside before putting your drawers in so you do not get oil on your clothes. Then you will want to do a light coat on the outside. With beds, we recommend to just oil one side of each piece. So typically the outside of the rails, footboard, and the headboard. 
  4. WHEN YOU ARE DONE: Make sure you put the rag with all the oil on it, in an old spaghetti sauce jar. Fill it with water and seal it. Place it outside your house and call your local fire department. They will let you know how to dispose of it from there. Oil is combustable and we do not need you burning down your house just because you decided to take care of your furniture!

Switching Out Leaves

  1. If you keep one leaf in all year round, we recommend to switch it out at least twice a year, middle of summer and winter. That way it is getting the same amount of sun, use, and buffering. The reason you want to be switching these out is so that your table and leaves age together instead of separately.


Once a Year Maintenance:

Rotating Your Furniture:

  1. Once a year, it is recommended you rotate your dining set and living room set and if you can bedroom set.
  2. Dining Set: Rotate the whole table around, head chairs get switched around as well as side chairs. The reason for this, is that we are creatures of habit and we typically always sit down at the same spot of your table in the same chair. This means you are over using one area of your table all the time. So by rotating everything it will help balance out the love you have put into your table. Also this will help with any bleaching from the sun, direct or indirect sunlight can have an effect on your table set. 
  3. Living Room: Rotate your coffee table and hall table if you have them. If you have two end tables from us, we recommend to switch them around as well.
  4. Bedroom Furniture: If you move your bedroom furniture around it is good to allow your furniture to have the sun shining on it from a different point of view. It is very understandable that you may not ever move your bedroom furniture around and if you don't want to, we recommend to at least switch the nightstands up so they get a different sun shine on them.


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